Polish Institute for Human Rights and Business, Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw oraz Polish Bar Council, together with partners – law firm Wardyński & Partners and Eversheds Sutherland invite you to the international conference:

From soft law to hard law. CSDDD implementation and enforcement. Lessons from France and Germany regarding the enforcement of the (national) due diligence legislation.

(Od soft law do wiążących regulacji. Jak wdrażać i egzekwować CSDDD.  Wnioski z funkcjonowania niemieckich i francuskich regulacji w sprawie należytej staranności dot. praw człowieka.

to be held at the University of Warsaw (ul. Dobra 55) on 26 January 2024 r. at 14.00-18.15

The aim of the conference is to start discussion on how to implement and enforce the CS3D directive after its adoption in 2024 at the European level. Since the directive contains a number of groundbreaking solutions – from the point of view of Polish enterprises – during the conference we will focus on two selected issues as to which there is no major doubt whether they will survive the end of the  negotiations or not.

At the beginning of the event, we plan to introduce the content of the directive and the tools developed to support enterprises in meeting the expectations arising from the directive. Then, during the first session, we will focus on solutions supporting responsible purchasing practices, in particular model contract clauses – both in the ABA version and the advanced draft European model contract clauses for supply chain, that aim to respond to the indication of plans by the European Commission regarding plans to develop model contract clauses by the European Commission. (More about the EMC project here).

In the second part of the conference, we will focus on issues related to the enforcement by public administration of the implementation by companies of regulations regarding mandatory due diligence in the field of human rights, in particular we will look into the issue of the establishment of the Supervisory Authorities. The starting point for our discussion will be presentations by law practitioners providing an overview and lessons learned from the implementation of national regulations on mandatory due diligence in the field of human rights in France and Germany.

Full information, including link to registration, is available on the conference website in  POLISH & ENGLISH.