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The CEECA Resource Hub is seeking posts and contributions related to business and human rights in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We welcome information and tools relevant to NGOs, activists, governments, and others working on business and human rights issues in the region. 

A variety of styles are welcome: analysis, stories, reflections, testimonies, best practices, recent developments, bold thinking, etc. Submissions can be in written/photo/video/audio form. For example, posts may include: 

  • Blogs and commentaries on business and human rights topics (e.g., environmental issues related to businesses in a particular country/industry). Some of our issue areas include: labour rights and unions; gender; environment; corruption and rule of law; conflict and peace; and migrant labour. 
  • Updates and explanations of key events and ongoing campaigns (e.g., boycott of Lukashenko-supporting businesses in Belarus) 
  • Stories of activists and impacted communities
  • Information on tools and resources that those in the region may find useful 
  • Summaries and key findings of reports related to business and human rights in the region
  • Developments in particular countries (e.g., National Action Plan development and implementation) 

And etc. 

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Content Guidelines

Post limits: 

  • Text posts: 1,500 words or less  
  • Audio: max 5 minutes 
  • Video: max 3 minutes 
  • Slide shares: max 20 slides 
  • Photo essay: max 10 photos, each accompanied by text 

All content should have an explicit focus on Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. For example, if you are posting information about a tool, please explain how it can be used or has been used within the region. 

Include relevant sources as hyperlinks, when necessary. Footnotes are also acceptable, but hyperlinks are strongly preferred.

At the bottom of the post, please include a link for readers to find more information. For example, if you are summarizing the findings of a report, please link to the full report at the bottom.


Submissions are invited in English and Russian.

To enhance accessibility, we would be pleased to receive a second version of the submission in a different language. The English-language or Russian-language version will be used for review, but we will upload both versions to the website. 

We also accept resources in other regional languages. However, you must include a title and abstract in English and/or Russian.

Information To Include 

When submitting, please include: 

  • Title: no more than 100 characters. Aim for something that captures the essence of your contribution in a simple but interesting way. 
  • Author Information: In addition to your name, please include your affiliation and contact information. If you are a member of the CEECA Resource Hub, please link to your profile. 
  • Excerpt: include an excerpt of max 40 words as a summary of the content or aim of the post.
  • Photo: If you have a photo or visual to accompany your post, please include it. Please note this photo must be license-free or belong to you. Please indicate where the photo came from. 

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