Global Compact Network Netherlands, Shift, Oxfam

If you need to understand what it means to do business with respect for human rights, look no further than this guide.

‘Doing Business With Respect for Human Rights’ is a comprehensive guide designed for companies of all sizes, sectors and geographies. It is intended to equip readers with practical advice and real-life examples that help to translate the high-level expectations in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights into concrete action.

“This guidance for companies is a tangible tool that will be beneficial for years to come. As a rights-based anti-poverty organisation that works on the intersection of business and development, we always look for practical and tested guidance that can promote solutions and lessons for companies. Not only is this useful for the corporate sector but also for those of us in civil society to better understand the risks and opportunities that companies face when implementing a rights agenda.”

Maarten De Vuyst, Private Sector Lead, Oxfam

The guide includes answers to questions like:

  • Which human rights are companies supposed to respect?
  • How can business be connected to human rights impacts?
  • What are practical options for a small- or medium-sized company to respect human rights?
  • How can business track its human rights performance?
  • How can a company be responsible for human rights if the government is not protecting human rights?