Danish Institute for Human Rights,  2021

 Read the Business and Human Rights Chapter within Georgia’s Human Rights NAP:   English  


Georgia has a chapter on business and human rights within a broader human rights national action plan.

In March 2018 the Georgian Human Rights NAP 2018-20 was published. This includes a specific and detailed chapter on Business and Human Rights, which is incorporated within the broader Human Rights NAP rather than as a stand-alone NAP.

Stakeholder Participation

In the process of elaborating the NBA, three stakeholder consultations were held with representatives of the civil service, business, and civil society organisations. A further meeting was organised in Adjara with civil service representatives. All participants were provided with a draft of the NBA and were given an opportunity to present their remarks and commentary. After receiving and acting upon responses, the coordination group, together with the support of partner organisations presented the results of the NBA on the 4th December 2017.