Responsible Mining Foundation, 2021

Based on wide-ranging testing and consultation, this set of questions is intended as a starting point to constructive engagement at any mine site, big or small, and for local communities, civil society, workers, trade unions, local government and others wishing to engage in a constructive way on what one can reasonably expect from mine sites in most environments.

Following the publication of the first RMI Report in 2018, it is the result of numerous requests from mining-affected groups around the world for an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand tool. A tool to enter into dialogue with mining companies on some of the matters that directly affect communities and workers in and around a mine.

The selection of topics and issues covered is not comprehensive, but local stakeholders can follow a similar approach to address any other mining-related matter of interest.

The Mine Site Assessment Tool (MSAT) is free to use by anyone, even a mine manager seeking to engage on the fundamental issues affecting a mine site’s neighbours.

This Mine-site Assessment Tool can be used to:

  • Raise awareness about the basics of Responsible Mining
  • Start a conversation on the basics of Responsible Mining
  • Identify gaps in Responsible Mining and measure improvement over time
  • Do a survey to compare different mine sites on Responsible Mining
  • Help mine managers self-assess the basics of Responsible Mining
  • Build trustful relationships among stakeholders