2023 update of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises on Responsible Business Conduct
Since their introduction in 1976, the Guidelines have been continuously updated to remain fit for purpose in light of societal challenges and the evolving context for international business. The 2023 update reflects a decade of experience since their last review in 2011 and responds to urgent social, environmental, and technological priorities facing societies and businesses.

The updated Guidelines were released on 8 June within the context of the 2023 OECD Ministerial Council Meeting (more on this event: https://www.oecd-events.org/meeting-of-the-council-at-ministerial-level-2023/en).
Key updates are summarised here: https://mneguidelines.oecd.org/mneguidelines/OECD-MNE-Guidelines-2023-Presentation.pptx