Історії від першої особи

Ця сторінка ділиться історіями активістів, спільнот та інших людей, які борються за бізнес та права людини

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Protecting people & the planet in 2021: Why investors should better support defenders driving the just transition to green economies

Human rights defenders (HRDs) are vital leaders of a just transition to green economies, raising concernsabout risks and harms associated with irresponsible business operations, while also championing sustainablesolutions. This information is essential for investors...

Human Rights Watch – World Report 2022. Events of 2021

World Report 2022, Human Rights Watch’s 32nd annual review of human rights trends around the globe, reviews developments in more than 100 countries. There HRW highlights various setbacks in different human rights areas, among which are labour rights in some Eastern...

SLAPPd: the Armenian activists fighting a mining multinational’s lawsuits

Strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPP) used by Lydian international, the tax haven listed mining company, against journalists and civil society as it presses forward with the Amulsar gold mine in Armenia, whilst the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development has stood by silently.  

Shuakhevi: the past is never dead

The past is never dead – In spite of warnings about its risks and promises of its safety, the idle Shuakhevi hydropower plant in Georgia continues to wreak havoc on local lands and livelihoods.

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Human Rights Defenders & Civic Freedoms

Human Rights Defenders & Civic Freedoms

HRDs’ work is essential to the business and human rights movement because of their critical importance for ensuring corporate responsibility and accountability. Yet, attacks on them are growing. This hub brings together news on these advocates and communities -...

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Interviews with Human Rights Defenders

Interviews with Human Rights Defenders

The Resource Centre collects interviews with activists, journalists and human rights defenders, where they share their strategies, victories, and recommendations on protecting civic freedoms and human rights. Besides interviews with regional HRDs, on the CEECA...

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