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Эта страница содержит ссылки на инструменты и ресурсы, которые могут использоваться теми, кто работает в сфере бизнеса и прав человека.

Эта страница содержит ссылки на инструменты, которые могут использоваться предприятиями, членами профсоюзов, активистами, практиками, затронутыми сообществами и другими лицами, работающими в сфере бизнеса и прав человека.

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Human Rights Impact Assessment Guidance & Toolbox

A useful tool for due diligence, human rights impact assessment analyses the effects that business activities have on rights-holders such workers, local community members, consumers and others. HRIA follows a human rights-based approach, which integrates human rights principles such as non-discrimination into the assessment process.


This app helps activists and witnesses document and verify human rights abuses.

Doing business with respect for human rights

‘Doing Business With Respect for Human Rights’ is a comprehensive guide designed for companies of all sizes, sectors and geographies. It is intended to equip readers with practical advice and real-life examples that help to translate the high-level expectations in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights into concrete action.

Global unions commemorate ILO C190 coming into force by launching toolkit to address violence and harassment in the world of work

As the International Labour Organization Convention 190 on violence and harassment in the world of work comes into force on 25 June 2021, global unions are launching a toolkit to support the Convention 190 (C190) and its Recommendation 206 (R206). The manual will provide thousands of unions around the world with critical tools for the fight to eradicate violence and harassment in the world of work.

Mine Site Assessment Tool

Based on wide-ranging testing and consultation, this set of questions is intended as a starting point to constructive engagement at any mine site, big or small, and for local communities, civil society, workers, trade unions, local government and others wishing to engage in a constructive way on what one can reasonably expect from mine sites in most environments.

FIDH Launches Website Guiding Victims Faced with Corporate Human Rights Abuses

With this guide, FIDH seeks to provide a practical tool for victims and their representatives, NGOs, and other civil society groups, including unions, social movements, and activists, to seek justice and obtain reparation for victims of human rights abuses involving multinational corporations. The guide explores the different avenues available to victims, including judicial and non-judicial recourse mechanisms. It focuses primarily on violations committed by or with the involvement of transnational corporations, their subsidiaries, or their commercial partners in third countries where they operate.

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Blueprint For Embedding Human Rights in Key Company Functions

Blueprint For Embedding Human Rights in Key Company Functions

This guide explains how to embed human rights into company functions This is done through clarifying the concept of embedding human rights by breaking it down into six elements that can easily be applied to a business environment. A definition of each of the six elements is provided, followed by an overview of the current company practice around it and examples of specific measures and initiatives implemented by companies.

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