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Якщо Ви би хотіли дізнатися більше чи отримати консультації стосовно ситуації в сфері Бізнесу та прав людини в Білорусі, будь-ласка, звертайтесь до Білоруського Гельсінського комітету:office@belhelcom.org, www.facebook.com/belhelcom.en

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Report: Status of implementation of UNGPs on Business and Human Rights in Europe & Central AsiaReport:

The progress in implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) is uneven in Europe and Central Asia and challenged by ongoing socioeconomic, humanitarian, and conflict-related crises. The Scoping Study commissioned by UNDP Istanbul...

Appeal to Business by Belarusian Human Rights Organisations in Connection with the Human Rights Crisis in Belarus

The presidential election held in Belarus on August 9th, 2020 was marked by unprecedented atmosphere of fear and intimidation. Repressions against those expressing alternative opinion began almost immediately after the start of the election campaign and have not stopped ever since.

Updated BHR Country Guide for Belarus

This guide helps you quickly understand the topic of “business and human rights” and provides a basic toolkit for introducing proper approaches to business processes and government regulation.

Belarus: Business & Human Rights Country Guide

This Human Rights and Business Country Guide contains information regarding the potential and actual human rights impacts of businesses. The information in this Guide is intended to help companies respect human rights and contribute to development in their own operations and those of their suppliers and business partners.

Company inaction contributing to human rights abuse in Belarus

Belarusian activists reached out to a large number of Western companies engaged with the Belarus Government urging them to take immediate action. Despite this direct link, most companies remained silent.

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Deadline: 1 March 2024! Call for input for the Working Group’s report on respecting the rights of LGBTI people in the context of business activities: fulfilling obligations and responsibilities under the UNGPs

[Note: this information comes from the OHCHR webpage dedicated to this call for input. Direct link: HERE] Background In recent years, the business and human rights agenda has seen a real strengthening in support for greater equality and respect of the rights of...

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